Monday, February 18, 2008

About a man/boy

I had lunch with the old crew from three jobs ago. The place where I was Everywhere Man. It was great to catch up, everyone looks great and they are having good lives.

Half way through the car wash twenty minutes later I came to the conclusion that I am rather vacuous as a person. A bit like Nick Hornby’s Will in “About a Boy.” There are no kids to tell stories of, wife who is doing that thing, big trip I went on, new hobby to describe or old one to discuss. Outside of work there is little for me to talk about. Many do not want to put up with my political crap, religion is just bad taste to discuss, the writers strike keeps me from talking about a new episode and the rate I go to new movies has dropped from seeing them all to seeing one or two.

Boy, that weather we are having is pretty odd. All that rain… we sure do need it for the lake levels.

Oh well, I was happy to hear all about their lives. It would be nice to work with them all once again. I am afraid the work would not be all that great, but the people would be.

So I am planning my next trip. At least the next time we meet I can tell everyone about that.


  1. As long as you don't tell me about the river, I'm happy.

  2. The river in Monroe is up...I heard that today.