Friday, May 23, 2008

Indiana Jones and the Heartbreak

I make great efforts to not know about certain movies. People will point and laugh/hoot when I cover my eyes or look away from a movie preview.

Such was the case of the new Indiana Jones movie. I didn’t watch or read a thing. My guess at plots and character are too good to enjoy a movie if I know too much.

The rule of thumb on Indy movies… Odd numbers good, even numbers bad. This is the opposite of Star Trek and does not apply to Spiderman… once again proving what a big nerd I really am.

Things I like about the new Indiana Jones: Indy, Mutt, action, ants, and a few islands of wit and interest.

Things I don’t like: Lack of plot, the stretch on the suspension of disbelief, and the over use of blue screen animation.

Here is what works: your villain is a counter balance to the good guy; you have to have a great villain to make your good guy look great. Hitler and the Nazi’s are the most villainies group of the 20th century making Indiana look great. When you bring in the “B” list bad guy Indy looks old and inept.

Here is what people relate to: a goal for the hero that is relatable. Christian treasure and lore is much more intriguing than rocks and the supernatural. Good Christian treasure to find would be the Ark of the Covenant, the cup of Christ, or the one female descendant of Jesus. Rocks and cross-pollinated fantasy just don’t cut it here.

If you are an Indiana Jones fan who has seen every move and his young television adventures like me… save yourself the heartache and skip this one all together.


  1. I rank it one and a half pegs higher than the second one.

  2. I would rank it lower than Temple of Doom. Temple of Doom tried out some new things for Indy. This movie took the Indy formula that now exists (fight with strong man, critters, chase scene, secret passageways, decoding riddle)and applied it to a crappy Lucas idea. Glad I went to a matinée with my Brad during the work day.

  3. I was on the fence about seeing this one in the theater. I'll probably wait until there's nothing else in the video store, or when HBO has it in a year-and-a-half.

    Iron Man was great. I just hope they DON'T make an Avengers movie. Thor's a homo.(Adventures in Babysitting)