Monday, May 26, 2008

Comcast SUCKS!

You will not hear from me for a week or so. I am moving. Opposite of what is advertised as simple and easy, Comcast is really bad at helping people move.

Nearly three weeks prior to my initial date of transferring my cable from one location to the next I called and spent a good half hour talking the Comcast person through my relocation. Things I stressed a) this new location has NEVER had cable before b) the date I would like this done c) what I will need in the transfer d) how much it will cost.

After that call I did not get the initial date I wanted - rather it was a full week later. Aside from that, it would be free, I could use my current box, and that the correct installation person for a new install would be sent. So I stayed with Comcast, not a dish or other provider.

Fast-forward several weeks. I get a confirmation call that Comcast will be there. It is automated - so I call back to get a live person. She tells me it will not be free. There is a $20 fee. But the correct person for a new installation (I did stress this) would be there.

Next day I get a text from roommate. I call him. The person they sent was not ready. He didn’t know it was a new installation. He was not ready. But next week, he could be back with the correct stuff. Oh yeah, by the way, the installation fee is more like $80 and my current box would need to be returned.

Rather than consider this a miscommunication, because the chances of one of these points be incorrectly exchanged would be that, I say that Comcast lies. After paying nearly $200 a month for several years, you should treat me better. Much, much better.

I will give them this… they did disconnect my current apartment on time. They sure got that right.

So as the new cable company I have decided to switch to will be at the new house next week, and the old cable company who are a pack of liars has disconnected my apartment I am leaving, I may not be able to post much here for a while.

Why would a company treat customers badly?


  1. Certainly not the way you should be treated and on behalf of Comcast I apologize. I would like to look into this further. If it would not be too much trouble, please email me at the address below. Please include a link to this page and any account info that could help.

    Thank you!
    Frank Eliason

  2. Comcast sucks dirty balls. Not to mention, its cyber-douches patrol the web for spin control.

    Get the dish. I have it and love it. Your new roommate had it, and loved it, when I was his roommate. Plus, DirecTV and Dish Network offer The Big Ten Network, which he'd really like. Last I knew, Comcrap didn't. But it does offer the Outdoor Channel's cable access hockey coverage. God, I wish ESPN still covered the NHL.

    Oh, and then there's the whole bandwidth high-def thing...

  3. As his new roommate, I will say that Comcast Sucks. I hope they search this and figure out just how much Comcast Sucks. Get WOW. WOW is GREAT.