Sunday, June 01, 2008

Comcast still Sucks

Two things happened this weekend. I will start with the obvious… I have Internet connection again.

Comcast still sucks and I have a new respect and love foe WOW! While the Comcast bot made you all think that Comcast cares, in actuality, Comcast Sucks! I dropped off the box at their inconvenient office. The person there took the box with out saying a “hello” or “welcome” and scanned it. She noted the account was closed and told be that I owed them money. I didn’t. They owed me for eight days of service. I told her that and she laughed. When I asked for a receipt she said she couldn’t give me one.

There was a letter at my new address from Comcast Sucks. They were informing me that I had requested and address change and that it had taken place. If I did not request this I should inform them right away. This does not make sense to me. If someone were to impersonate me at a new address - how could I get this letter from Comcast Sucks if I am still at my old address and thought the cable went out.

WOW! Really has a good service. The person who installed this location was a decent guy. My new roommate asked questions such as “do you always have this kind of cable in the van? Or are there different types?” With this line of questioning we have determined that the Comcast Sucks installation team are idiots and just wanted to pass off putting in the totally brand new hook up - which involves extra work.

Did you notice what the second this for this weekend is? I have a roommate now. It’s the first time I’ve lived with anyone since 1998. That ended with me cleaning the toilet with her toothbrush for a week before telling her I did that and continuously asking for her to stop her cat from peeing on my bed.

This roommate is the mayor. He knows everyone, everyone likes him, respects him, and keeps in touch with him from the days in the fraternity. This should be a great influence on me.

He has a cat that has taken well to me. She is very playful and sweet.

My drive is now going to be about 20 minutes each way. A huge difference from the hour plus I have been doing in different directions since August of 2006.

Good weekend. Great start to the summer. Now I just need to meet some nice girls and the Tigers need to start winning.

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  1. WOW took its name from a tattoo I have. Glad you're not giving Comcast any money.