Monday, June 02, 2008

High School

Being a senior in high school is like nothing else in life. It is one of the few times you will think you know everything and be undisputedly on top.

So what do seniors value? What are the priorities of these few elite?

First and foremost there is prom. Prom can be a magical experience shared between two best friends. It can be a fumbling exploration of two strangers. More important these days are the parade of fashion and style. The pageantry of expensive dresses one would only wear once to shine above all the rest has got to be priority number one.

After the prom is the immortal senior photo. Here you will be haunted for decades for what you decided to wear that one-day at the photo studio. It will be a lasting mark generations can turn to in their yearbook and point to in fond memory. It can also be a milestone of where you were in life, who your friends were, what choices you made, and what really happened at the prom.


  1. This is an outrage. I did NOT give permission for you to use my photo here! Take it down immediately or I will sic my malnourished pit bull on you.

  2. Is it possible for a baby to be born already holding a can of spam?